Safar Shakti

Shakti ka hoga sath,
Toh Business me banegi baat!

A Partner your small business needs! Safar Shakti is designed in a way that it can be customized into different utilities depending on the category.

Features of
Safar Shakti

A super convenient logistics partner your venture needs. Helps you get rid of surging fuel prices and provides efficiency in smooth transportation. In terms of investment, it is most reliable and provides high returns.

85 Km*

Per Charge

03 Years*

of Warranty

4 Hours*

For Full Charge

7 Degree


Safar Shakti

Know your Safar Smart

Here are the top features of Kinetic Green Safar Shakti!

Magic Gear to
climb Flyovers

Now be unstoppable irrespective of heights. Switch to magic gears and get going!


Ion Battery

Lithium Ion batteries are eligible for 3years* of warranty under FAME II Demand Incentive. These batteries take less time to charge and have a longer durability.

Affordable Investment
with Best ROI

The most reliable partner your business needs. Switch to Safar Shakti electric for comfort and convenience.

Operational costs

Cutting down on fuel expenses completely, the operational cost of Safar Shakti is 50ps/km.


It has a switch for three different speed modes making the drive smoother and comfortable.

Smart E-Vehicle

Safar Shakti

Get your Logistics Partner today!

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