Safar Jumbo

Ab Har Business
hoga Bada!

Explore new business avenues with Kinetic’s Safar Jumbo.

Features of
Safar Jumbo

Jumbo in its space and comfort. This electric three-wheeler helps you with the logistics of your business in the most efficient way! It can also be customized as per your business requirement.


90 Km*

Per Charge

03 Years*

of Warranty

4 Hours*

For Full Charge

500 Kg*

Payload Capacity

Safar Jumbo

Know your Safar Jumbo

Here are the top features of Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo!

Huge Storage Box

With a float area of 150 cubic feet, it proves to be spacious enough for safe and efficient transportation of goods.


Low Operating Costs

As low as 70paise per km. Favorable for last mile deliveries and pick-ups.

Lithium Ion

Fixed and Swapping option is available for Safar Jumbo. These batteries are eligible for 3 years* warranty under FAME II Demand Incentive.


It has a weight carrying capacity of 500kgs excluding the weight of the cargo box and driver.

Stable Independent

Challenging the rough jerks, these suspensions help you keep your vehicle stable, thereby securing the quality of goods being transported.

Smart E-Vehicle

Safar Jumbo<

Your chance to get your business running in full swing with electric Safar Jumbo!

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