Our vision is to be Innovation Leaders in the field of affordable Green Mobility Solutions and Our Dream is to bring “Self Employment through Green Mobility to Millions” in Electric Vehicles Industry. So, Lets join our hand and come together to make our planet and Life great again with our Slogan “BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION, Not PART OF THE POLLUTION”.


Abhay Auto Sales Pvt. Ltd. mission is to create an inclusive, sustainable and value based entrepreneurial culture in collaboration with our partner institution in achieving Success, Growth and Financial security to Youth in Revolutionary Market of Electric Automobile Industry which is going to be the Business of Your Generation.

Also through this Business Our Business Partners will provide to our Indian villagers/Workers a Self-Employment opportunity too so that they can Buy E- Auto Rickshaw/Cart easily with the help of PM Mudra Yojna and generate their own earning of Rs. 1000/- to 2000/- per day for Family upbringing. So, Our Mission slogan is “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind”.

Association with Kinetic Green

Abhay Auto Sales Pvt. Ltd. has recently associated as STRATEGIC BUSINESS ASSOCIATE for Retail Network Development with The Doyen of the Indian Automobile Industry, Pioneer Organization Kinetic Green Energy & Power Solutions Ltd. which is the latest venture from the Kinetic & Firodia Group.  

Kinetic Green offers a wide range of battery-operated vehicles such as E-Autos, E- Rickshaws, E- Loaders, E-Carts, E-Cycle, E-2Wheelers and Buggies.
We continue to lead the way as an innovative and progressive company. Now Kinetic has entered the Battery operated vehicles domain to give “A Better Tomorrow”.

These Battery operated vehicles are designed for the future. They are smart, sophisticated, classy and most importantly sensitive to future requirements. Their intrinsic features like zero carbon emission, no noise, no vibration, elegant looks & intelligent ergonomics earn them a favor with modern sensibilities and make them ideal solutions for smart cities.

Over the years, Kinetic has proved its excellence, time and again, with countless engineering and design marvels. A name synonymous with trust and reliability, Kinetic has a rich legacy of Six decades. Kinetic has sold over 100 lakh vehicles and established itself as an innovative and progressive company. Riding on the most advanced technologies, Kinetic is ready to take the world forward. It’s not just a journey ahead in distance. It’s a journey ahead in time.. towards a green tomorrow!